Sat. May 25th, 2024


  • Eqpme and Hapn collaborate to integrate asset tracking technology
  • Features of the integration include e-commerce connection, billing transparency, enhanced inventory management, and maintenance scheduling

In a collaboration announced during The ARA Show™ 2024, Eqpme and Hapn have integrated their technologies to provide rental houses and dealers with advanced asset tracking capabilities. The integration aims to bridge the gap between digital and physical aspects of equipment rental by offering features such as e-commerce connected to telematics, billing transparency, and enhanced inventory management. The goal is to provide rental houses with user-friendly and technologically advanced solutions to efficiently manage all aspects of their business.

The key features highlighted in the collaboration include:

  • E-commerce connected to the physical world
  • Billing transparency for owners and renters
  • Enhanced inventory management through real-time tracking and analytics
  • Precision maintenance scheduling for optimal equipment condition

The companies emphasized that the integration of Eqpme and Hapn’s technologies will streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction, and provide rental houses with the tools they need to manage their businesses effectively.

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