Thu. May 30th, 2024


  • HarvestEye technology provides data insight for Potato and Onion supply chains
  • Possibilities to adapt the technology for other crops are endless

In a recent article, Harry Tinson, General Manager at HarvestEye, discusses the development of HarvestEye technology that offers data insight into size and variation at a field, variety, and grower level for Potato and Onion supply chains. The technology allows users to have early indications of crop size profiles, enabling them to make informed decisions on buying and selling. With GPS capabilities, HarvestEye also provides a variation map showing marketable yield at a field level.

At Fruit Logistica, HarvestEye showcased a new product, the HarvestEye Handheld, which allows for more data to be collected across the harvesting process. Customers can use the handheld device to digitize the sizing process in fields or quality bays, providing more accurate size distribution reports. The technology is not limited to potatoes and onions, with possibilities to adapt for other types of fruits and vegetables.

Customers have the option to buy or rent the HarvestEye systems, with many choosing to rent initially to try it out before making a purchase. The technology is being used in different ways, from improving efficiency in the grading process to validating agronomic practices for sustainability and carbon reduction goals. HarvestEye offers tailored pricing options based on customer needs, from basic daily reports to customized reporting and API data transfer.

Overall, HarvestEye’s technology is providing innovative solutions for the agriculture industry, bridging the gap between data insights and operational efficiency for various crops beyond just potatoes and onions.

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