Thu. May 30th, 2024

Black on Earth is an interdisciplinary dance performance that explores the experiences of Black farmers through the combination of dance, agriculture, and technology. It is a collaborative project between Ohio State Master of Fine Arts students Orlando Hunter-Valentine and Ricarrdo Hunter-Valentine.

The performance will take place at Sullivant Hall in Ohio State and will run for two days. It aims to highlight the connection between movement and agriculture, drawing inspiration from the resilience and sustainability of Black farmers. The duo hopes to showcase the ways in which Black people have used farming as a means of resilience.

The performance incorporates various mediums, including photography, sculpturing, and even cooking. The dancers aim to create an immersive experience that intertwines African diasporic movement with other art forms. They hope to blend art, storytelling, singing, and theater to create a multi-dimensional performance.

To enhance the atmospheric quality of the performance, the duo has partnered with an audio designer to create a haptic soundscape. The soundscape will provide a technologically rendered selection of immersive background noises that underscore the action on stage.

Ricarrdo Hunter-Valentine captures all the photos displayed in the show, using photography as a tool to document their process and showcase the faces of Black, same gender-loving farmers in the community. The performance will also include a pre-show offering of Ricarrdo Hunter-Valentine’s “Fierce Love Fried Corn” recipe.

Following the Saturday show, there will be a Q&A session with a Department of Agriculture associate professor to further explore the themes and experiences depicted in the performance. Tickets for the performances can be purchased in person or online.

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