Tue. May 28th, 2024

Key points:

  • Energy giant E.ON has partnered with UK’s Naked Energy to roll out its solar heat and power technology in commercial and industrial-scale projects across the UK and Europe.
  • Naked Energy’s technology, which the company claims saves up to four times the amount of carbon as standard solar PV panels, will be offered to various business customers.

E.ON, the energy company, has announced a collaboration with UK solar technology company Naked Energy to deploy solar heat and power technology at commercial and industrial sites across Europe and the UK through their Energy Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) business unit. Naked Energy’s technology, boasting carbon savings of up to four times that of conventional solar PV panels, will be proposed to a range of businesses looking to shift to renewable heat technologies.

The deal marks another achievement for Naked Energy as the company focuses on penetrating export markets and finalising its £30m Series B funding round. They aim to work with potential partners including breweries, food and beverage firms, apartment blocks, hotels, leisure centres with swimming pools, and district heating networks.

This partnership is framed as an opportunity to bolster clients’ decarbonisation plans with Naked Energy’s high energy density solar technology that is especially suited for limited environments where space is a concern. E.ON Group Innovation Managing Director Mark Ritzmann highlighted E.ON’s dedication to climate protection and the sustainable energy transition and stated, “Leveraging every available space, especially in limited environments, is crucial for generating renewable energy on a large scale.”

Naked Energy CEO Christophe Williams emphasised the urgency to decarbonize urban and industrial heating and added, “This deal marks an exciting step forward in Naked Energy’s journey as we scale our operations globally. We look forward to beginning our work together.”

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