Sat. May 25th, 2024


  • First transactions concluded on DBDX cryptoasset trading platform.
  • ICF Bank and Bankhaus Metzler were the first pilot clients to use DBDX.

Trading on the Deutsche Börse Digital Exchange (DBDX) has successfully started with ICF Bank and Bankhaus Metzler being the first pilot clients. The platform offers trading in Bitcoin and Ether, with the first transaction involving Ether being traded and settled against euros. Currently, trading is conducted on a request for quote (RfQ) basis. DBDX, launched on 5 March, provides a regulated ecosystem for trading, settlement, and custody of cryptoassets from a single point of access. Carsten Rössner from ICF Bank highlighted the importance of trading technology and secure distributed ledger infrastructure for the company’s trading offering and settlement processes. Miryusup Abdullaev, Managing Director of DBDX, emphasized that the successful launch of DBDX is a significant first step towards a regulated and secure ecosystem for trading crypto assets.

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