Wed. May 29th, 2024

AI plate-scanning technology is being used as a crime-fighting tool by the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. The agency has been using an AI-driven, solar-powered network of license plate readers for the past three years. The system, which includes stationary cameras on roadsides and cameras installed in patrol cars and helicopters, has helped to prevent and solve crimes. Last year, the system led to hundreds of “hits” on vehicles, resulting in arrests related to murder, theft, weapons trafficking, and more. The sheriff’s office plans to install a total of 100 cameras throughout the county. The cameras operate day and night in any weather condition, capturing license plate numbers, times, dates, and locations, and cross-referencing this information with criminal databases. The technology has proved to be an effective investigative tool, providing law enforcement officers with valuable information to help solve cases. The license plate readers have already led to arrests of fugitives and the recovery of stolen vehicles. Law enforcement officers have praised the system as a valuable tool in their investigations.

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