Thu. May 30th, 2024

In this article, Bonsai explores how technology has revolutionized employee training. They identify four key ways in which technology has made training faster and more effective:

  • Assessments and tracking progress: Technology allows for quicker feedback and provides a platform for both trainers and trainees to track learning objectives and progress.
  • Videos and tutorials: Cost-effective and easily repeatable, videos and tutorials allow for standardized training across locations and prevent the loss of knowledge when employees leave.
  • Personalized training and pacing: Adaptive learning systems and learning management systems enable personalized learning that caters to individual needs and pace.
  • Simulations: Interactive simulations provide realistic environments for employees to practice their job skills, particularly useful in high-stakes fields such as healthcare. Augmented reality technologies can also be used for real-time guidance during work.

This article highlights the importance of employee training and how investing in technology-based training methods can benefit both employees and the company as a whole. It also discusses the market growth in e-learning and personalized learning technologies. Ultimately, prioritizing employee training is essential for ensuring that workforces remain agile and equipped in the rapidly evolving digital age.

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