Thu. May 30th, 2024


Three key technology trends will reshape the communications industry in 2024: GenAI revolution, telecom cloud with strategic partnerships and robust security, and the innovation brought by 5G. These trends will enhance customer experiences, improve network reliability, and drive connectivity solutions.

In the GenAI revolution, telecom companies will push the boundaries of customer service by using artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience and optimize network performance. Strategic partnerships and robust security in the telecom cloud space will be a top priority to ensure secure and seamless cloud-native services. 5G will pave the way for transformative technologies like augmented reality and IoT-based edge computing, leading to unprecedented innovation in the industry.

As the industry evolves, successful communication service providers will need to integrate these technologies into their offerings to stay competitive and productive in the future.

About the Authors:
Padman Kumar General Manager and Global Practice Leader, Communications and Media, Wipro Consulting
Subratha Pathak Partner and Europe Leader, Communications and Media, Wipro Consulting

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