Wed. May 29th, 2024

In this article, Azeem Azhar discusses three key trends to watch for in the year 2024: the rise of smaller technologies, the intersection of geopolitics and technology vulnerabilities, and the increasing speed of decentralization.

Key Points:

  • Smaller technologies are becoming more attractive as companies like Mistral and Microsoft showcase the capabilities of miniaturized AI models. These smaller models are cheaper to run and can operate in a wider range of environments, creating new opportunities. However, questions arise about how these models will be tested, managed, maintained, and governed.
  • The state of insecurity is escalating as geopolitical tensions meet vulnerabilities in technology. The recent events in the Red Sea demonstrate how even less sophisticated actors can force costly responses from nation-states. In response, nations will need to invest in more cost-effective and suitable weapons while also focusing on cyber and AI defenses.
  • Decentralization is gathering speed, with various industries and sectors embracing a decentralized approach. The blockchain is often associated with decentralization, but Azhar argues that it is not the sole driver of this trend. Other technologies and systems are also contributing to the decentralization movement.

Azhar highlights the importance of keeping a close eye on these trends in 2024. Smaller technologies offer new possibilities, but their implementation and management require careful consideration. Geopolitical tensions and technology vulnerabilities are increasingly intertwined, necessitating investments in defense measures. Additionally, decentralization is not limited to the blockchain but is a larger movement affecting numerous industries. Understanding and adapting to these trends will be crucial in navigating the future.

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